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About Us

Tiny Tradesmen was the brainchild of a simple conversation with one of my girlfriends who has two young boys. Neither her nor her husband work in a trade or are even very "handy" (her words, not mine); however, my friend wants her boys to be open to the trades and open to pursuing
different kinds of careers. This gave me an idea.


My inspiration

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Of course, that wasn't my first inspiration. My first inspiration is this guy in the picture—my hardworking husband! I am a proud linewife, who has been blessed by this trade and the fruits of my husband's labor. Knowing the freedom this trade offers as well as the satisfaction it provides for my husband, he and I are passionate about encouraging the next generation to pursue life on the lines.

But, Tiny Tradesmen extends beyond line work. It is about encouraging children to consider a career in any trade while also teaching them that a four-year degree is not the only path toward success. (Hint: There will be more books to come!) The trades are more important and in higher demand than ever. My husband and I pride ourselves in taking the "road less traveled" — we hope your children will be inspired to do the same.

- Sarah Reijonen, Author -

Sarah Reijonen (pronounced "Rain-in" like it's rainin' outside) is a proud linewife who has spent the last decade on the road with her rambling lineman husband, "Spanky." Spanky and Sarah have lived out of their fifth wheel and gone where the work was—usually in northern California—but they recently moved "home" to Washington State to be closer to family. They work hard but also play hard. Since getting his journeyman ticket in 2009, Spanky and Sarah have been to 40 countries—a life afforded by the trade and their love for adventure. Sarah studied journalism at Washington State University, but she is passionate about teaching young people that a college degree is not the only path toward success.

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- Katie Erickson, Illustrator -

Katie Erickson is an illustrator, a wife, mom and avid tea drinker based in the U.S. She uses bright colors to create cheerful stories, and her interest in linework stems from her days as an architect. See more of her work at

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