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Happy National Adoption Month!

Adoption is a huge part of my family’s story. My dad was adopted. My husband’s grandpa was adopted. And this year, my dad finally met some of his biological family, making this month—one that I had honestly never celebrated for adoption before—a little more significant this year.

National Adoption Month is also a little more significant this year because my husband and I are working on adopting! Our friends and family know, but I haven’t let the cat out of the bag on social media yet. With the process dragging on for 7 months now, I can’t really contain myself any longer.

I guess I also wanted my community of linewives and blue collar folks to know that I am working hard to keep cranking out books in the Tiny Tradesmen series, but it has been a struggle. My husband and I have driven 8-10 hours every weekend for the past 7 months and put 11,000 miles on my brand new car in just 6 months—all for our future child. The process has been emotional and frustrating and faith-building and life-giving all at once. Spank and I had gotten to the point where we weren’t sure if we wanted or would have kids at all, but I sent up a Hail Mary prayer and our God of great miracles delivered. In January I prayed that if we were supposed to adopt, God would “have to put a baby in our laps.” That’s exactly what he did! One day I’ll share the whole amazing story with you.

I’m still trying to keep the details to a minimum on social media, but I will say that we know the child and have been able to bond over the last 7 months. All this to say, please forgive me for being tardy and frazzled with my books and business. Please have grace with me as my family navigates this challenging, but rewarding season.

Above all else, PLEASE pray with us that this process would speed up and that we would indeed be able to call ourselves parents to this sweet, sweet child that we have grown to love so much. Thank you and Happy National Adoption Month!

**WELDING BOOK UPDATE: "Let the Sparks Fly: When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Welder" is on its way to me as we speak, but I'm not sure if it will arrive in time for Christmas. I'll let you know when the book drops! Thank you for your continued support!

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